Membership Information

Membership EligibilityExpiry
Ordinary BASc(FinTech) – Compulsory
GeneralHKU undergraduatesGraduation
AssociatePublicOne year/Lifetime
GraduateGraduates of BASc(FinTech)
Graduates of MSc(FTDA)
One year/Lifetime
HonoraryUpon appointmentLifetime
StaffHKU teaching staffContract


AllTo have a membership card valid from the first day of the first semester of an academic year to the thirtieth day of the first semester of the next academic year.

To use all facilities provided by the Association for the general use of the members.

To attend all General Meetings (refer to Section 4.1.1) of the Association.

To attend all functions and activities arranged by the Association for all members.

To receive newsletters and periodic publication by email.

To purchase promotional merchandise.
GeneralTo attend all functions and activities arranged by the Association for ordinary members.

To move and second motions, and to vote at General Meetings and General Polling of the Society.

To nominate and be nominated for elections in Association Elections.

To enjoy discounts for promotional merchandise.

To have the opportunity to seek academic advice from professors from HKU Fintech Academy.
OrdinaryTo attend all functions and activities arranged by the Association for full members.

To enjoy all benefits and welfares of other membership types.

To be eligible to apply for graduate membership.

To join mentorship programs specially designed for Fintech students.

Fee Structure

Due to Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the availability of online teaching has resulted in a decrease in on-campus activities. FTSA has taken precautionary measures by carrying out our events virtually to ensure the safety of all students and members. Hence, membership fees for the 2020-2021 academic year have been reduced to accommodate the current situation.

Registeration FeeSubscription
Full subscription – Y1 students
(4 years)
Full subscription – Y2 students
(3 years)
Full subscription – Y3 students
(2 years)
Lifetime subscription
$40 (2020)
$150 (2020)
$100 (2020)
$60 (2020)
$200 (2020)
$150 (2020)
$100 (2020)
$20 (2020)
$200 (2020)

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