Membership Engagement Points System

To encourage the participation of all FTSA members in our events and programs, the Membership Engagement Points System has been launched to reward active members with Member Engagement Points (MEPs) that can be redeemed for special prizes and promotional offers.

Members will be rewarded MEPs if they have participated in those registered events.
Members who have an MEPs score of 100 or higher are eligible to become an executive member.

To view your registered programs/events and track your MEPs score, you can visit your account page here.

List of programs eligible for MEPs

Program TitleMEPs Rewarded
Inter-Cohort Mentorship Program (ICMP)20 (Mentors)
5 (Mentees)
FinTech Enrichment Program (FTEP) – Academic15 (Seminar-Research in University)
30 (Research Experience Week)
FinTech Enrichment Program (FTEP) – Industry40 (Mini-internship)
FinTech Enrichment Program (FTEP) – Entrepreneurship30 (Start-Up Experience Camp)

List of events eligible for MEPs

Event TitleMEPs Rewarded
HKU FinTech Cup (FTC)TBC
HKU FinTech Week 202030 (Only for participants registered via FTSA)
WeLab Bank Pizza Party25
Promotional merchandiseTBC