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  • Inter-Cohort Mentorship Program (ICMP)
  • HK FinTech Week 2020
  • Welfare Package
  • Promotional Merchandise

Inter-Cohort Mentorship Program (ICMP)

BASc(FinTech) Inter-Cohort Mentorship Program (FTSA-ICMP) has been launched on August 25!

Currently, there are 13 mentors and 30 mentees. The former are from the inaugural cohort of BASc(FinTech) while the latter are BASc(FinTech) freshmen.

Being a freshman can be overwhelming and arduous. The mentorship program aims at easing the transition process from school to university by providing BASc(FinTech) freshmen with the experience their upperclassmen have had over the past year at HKU, whether it be in course selection, deciding a second major, or making friends. It does not only focus on building a professional relationship between the cohorts, but also aims at promoting a familial culture wherein all the FinTech students can co-inhabit the FinTech space at HKU.

In future years, with the current pilot scheme, FTSA may extend ICMP to include all its members. Besides inter-cohort mentorship, FTSA may also launch a professional mentorship program with professionals from academic and entrepreneurial fields and industry as mentors. Stay tuned for further development!

Hong Kong FinTech Week 2020

FTSA encourages its members to interact with the local FinTech ecosystem in Hong Kong. In 2020 Hong Kong FinTech week, FTSA provided discounted passes with 75% off to the event to its members. Thanks to the subsidy provided by HKUSCF FinTech Academy, we could enable members in interacting with Hong Kong’s FinTech CEOs and important figures of interest in the industry.