Update on Membership System

Thank you for joining us during this hard time. We have finalised our membership system and it would be effective as from October 1, 2020. Here are the highlights of our updated membership system. Membership in General All members in FTSA can enjoy membership privileges, such as eligibility in joining FTSA events and using for-FTSA-member-only…

Global FinTech Network

The University of Hong Kong FinTech Student Association is proud to announce its partnership with the City University of Hong Kong, FinTech Society of University College London and Finance & Investment Club of the University of Los Andes to collaborate on creative events and content for the global FinTech community.

FinTech Enrichment Program (FTEP)

The FinTech Enrichment Program (FTEP) is an exclusive program for all FTSA members to participate in to grow their FinTech Knowledge. FTEP is made out of three main categories including academic & research, industry and entrepreneurship. Each category consists of a series of events in which participants can obtain Membership Engagement Points (MEPs).