Update on Membership System

Thank you for joining us during this hard time. We have finalised our membership system and it would be effective as from October 1, 2020. Here are the highlights of our updated membership system.

Membership in General

All members in FTSA can enjoy membership privileges, such as eligibility in joining FTSA events and using for-FTSA-member-only facilities. They will be provided with a membership card as their identity credential.

There are different types of membership, including ordinary, general, associate, graduate, honorary and staff memberships. Their eligibility, privileges and membership fees are different. Please refer to the attachment for more details.
To become a member, one must fill in an online application form. 

Membership will only be confirmed after payment. The payment can be made in cash or via e-payment such as bank transfer. The arrangement of membership fee payment will be available in early October. In the meantime, you are still treated as our members. However, you have to fill in a confirmation form, in which you can choose your membership type, along with your payment. Otherwise, you will no longer be treated as a member.

After becoming a member, you will receive a guide to register your online account on our new official website. You can check your membership information, and make event registration as well as program application after logging in to your account on the website. Our new official website will be available on Oct 1. The new website address will be sent to you via email.

Membership Engagement Points System

In order to select members who are committed to our association to become our prospective executive members and encourage engagement in our functions as a participant, helper or sub-exco, we have decided to launch the ‘Membership Engagement Points System’. In this system, membership points are in the unit of MEP. Members who own more MEP can enjoy more membership benefits, such as free merchandise and priority in attending some functions. Meanwhile, only members who have obtained at least 100 MEP are eligible to be nominated to be elected as an executive member at the end of the nomination period.

Members can obtain MEP by joining events hosted, co-hosted and supported by FTSA. Only if they have participated in those registered events are considered to have ‘joined’ and be rewarded MEP.

The MEP for each event or function will be available on the new website. Here are some of the examples of our upcoming events.

HK FinTech Week 2020

Participants who register via FTSA can get 30 MEPs and 75% discount on ticket price as supported by the HKU-SCF FinTech Academy.
There are 3 tickets left. Please contact Eva Lai (+852 9333 3723) for registration and enquiry.

WeLab Bank Pizza Party

Sharing on virtual banking and networking with WeLab Bank’s employees.
Format: Virtual
All participants can get 25 MEPs.
Registration link here.
More information here.