Mellow is an award-winning digital solution for parents to build money habits of kids (aged 8 to 15) on saving, spending, and earning; tackling the problem of financial illiteracy of Gen Zs in a hands-on and habitual approach. Mellow is a TechCrunch Top Picks Startup supported by Techstars, Cyberport, Mizuho Crowd Brain, etc

Note: Mellow is founded by Forbes 30 Under 30 Founders.


Point of Contact: (Chester Szeen)

Available Intern Projects

Project DetailsCreate animations of cartoon characters for gamification of the app to enhance user experience
RequirementsGraphic design and animation software
Estimated Duration 5 hours per week, 4-6 weeks
Application DeadlineMar 14, 2021 (Sun)
ProjectAPI Management
Project DetailsExtracting product details from e-commerce sites to our existing app via APIs to reflect real-time product details such as title, pricing, etc
RequirementsRuby on rails, React Native
Estimated Duration7 hours per week, 4-8 weeks
Application DeadlineMar 14, 2021 (Sun)
ProjectSocial Media
Project DetailsDaily social media update and operation support to grow follower base on Instagram and Facebook. Possible use of algorithm to boost followers
RequirementsSimple graphic design (with Canva) and research on daily topics
Estimated Duration(1 hr/ day) 4+ weeks (this project is ongoing, and the end date can be discussed flexibly)
Application DeadlineMar 14, 2021 (Sun)
ProjectWebsite Development
Project DetailsEnhancing the user experience on the website by introducing customer support
Estimated Duration5 hours per week, 2-4 weeks
Application DeadlineMar 14, 2021 (Sun)