Foundation for Shared Impact

We help high-impact organizations reach their full potential, resolve bottlenecks, maximize resources, and scale their social impact toward solving society’s most challenging problems.


Point of Contact: Jon Pedersen – / WA: +852 97407113

Expected Number of Interns: 2-4

Available Intern Projects

ProjectWeb Scraping
Project DetailsAlthough HK has more than 8,000 registered charities, the entire social impact sector is quite closed off and disparate. We are working to build a comprehensive database of resources for charities, including a public database of all registered HK charities that can be used by volunteers, the public, funders, etc., to learn more about what the organizations do, how they spend their money, etc. We will also compile datasets and documents to help bring transparency and efficiency to the sector. This could vast impact on the whole social sector in Hong Kong. The project will, among others, entail web scraping of charity details, but also, if of interest, building a website directory, branding and marketing, and a host of related activities to bringing this idea to fruition.
Similarly, we want to scrape details of funding opportunities for social impact organizations and diseminate this to the public in an easily filtered directory, etc.
RequirementsBe a curious and proactive individual willing to learn. Candidate should know basic python for scraping. If a candidate is also interested in building the website and website directory, then knowing WordPress and PHP is a plus.
Estimated DurationCore python scraping project to take 5 hrs/week over 4-5 weeks. If interested in being part of further building out the project, such can be arranged and discussed as per interest.
Application DeadlineMar 14, 2021 (Sun)