Susan is currently majoring in Financial Technology, and intends on pursuing an additional major in Computer Science. She is a huge fan of Sudoku and logic puzzles, which she believes contributed to her passion for cryptography. Additionally, her favorite genre of books are detective stories and mysteries. Susan looks forward in witnessing the growth of FTSA and warmly invites everyone to join the FTSA community.

Hess is a fellow FinTech enthusiast coming from the inaugural cohort of BASc(FinTech). She plans to double minor in computer science and mathematics to pave a way for her future pursuit in the realms of blockchain, cryptography and privacy-preserving protocols.

Hess loves solving puzzles & brain teasers as well as playing logic & strategic games which emphasize on rational logic. Hess is committed to offer the best experience to all members and welcomes everyone to become a part of the FTSA community.

Born and bred in Malaysia, Winky is a sophomore studying FinTech with a second major in Urban Governance at HKU. Upon completing her freshman year, Winky joined Mellow – an award- winning FinTech startup as a summer intern. Winky’s passion lies in utilising FinTech to drive social impact, therefore she is keen to explore how we can embrace effective altruism in the FinTech landscape. During her free time, Winky loves spending time outdoors and exploring nature.

Eva is our Internal General Secretary for 2020-2021. She is a local student currently doing BASc(FinTech) and plans on taking Psychology and Japanese Language. Although she may not seem sporty, but she is actually an athlete.

“No matter how much you know about FinTech, the door of FTSA will still be opened for you!”

She looks forward to seeing everyone in the next semester!

Adrian is a Year 1 student majoring in FinTech and plans to take a second major which are related to maths and statistics. “I will often go to ChiWah to study after classes and take online exams.

Fun fact about Adrian: He is a human citymapper. He can tell you how to get from one place to another within Hong Kong in just 10 seconds!

Ivy is a Year 2 Malaysian undergraduate majoring in FinTech. Fun fact, she is a big fan of Coca-Cola and an avid binge-watcher. Ivy welcomes all students to FTSA and hopes to see everyone around on campus someday.

Rodman is a fellow student from Mainland China. He is a BASc(FinTech) major and will be serving as the Internal Affairs Secretary. He was an art student in high school, and chose to become an engineering student in university.

“No matter what your background was, are, and will be, FTSA can be your helper during your career. Do not stay in your comfort zone and break the labels on you!”

Hua Ruoqi (Rachel) is our External Affairs Secretary for 2020-2021, currently a BSc(QFin) Year 2 student. She comes from China and is a huge fan of Harry Potter. She likes to do all kinds of psychological and personality tests. At 9 years old, she started learning Visual Basic and programming.

“Never be afraid to know where you’ve never been. Even if your knowledge of FinTech is limited to the name, I’m sure you’ll still find our events interesting and fruitful. Welcome and wish you a happy journey in FTSA!”

Jacky is our Social Secretary for 2020-2021. He is a sophomore majoring in FinTech and plans to pursue a second major in CS. “You can always find me sleeping during lectures but I would go to ChiWah to study after classes.”

Jacky would like to communicate with all FinTech enthusiasts and build a harmonious relationship. His hobbies include paying all kinds of sports, listening to music, playing video games.

“To all future members – welcome!”

A fellow sophomore from Malaysia, Zhen Yuen is our Technology Secretary for 2020-2021. “Fintech’s the name, creativity’s the game.” Currently majoring in Computer Engineering and minoring in Finance under the HKU-Cambridge Joint Recruitment Scheme, he is also a big fan of music and arts. Zhen Yuen looks forward to serving FTSA and invites everyone to become a part of the FTSA community.

Nicholas is a sophomore planning on double majoring in Financial Technology and Computer Science. He was born and bred in Indonesia. He will be serving as the Marketing Secretary for FTSA this academic year and hopes to create a platform to introduce FinTech for all the enthusiasts out there.

“Looking forward to having a blast with all of you!”

Gu Yining, or Eira, is a sophomore from China studying FinTech at HKU. She is our Welfare Secretary for 2020-2021. Fun fact, she loves singing, watching movies and reading. Her dream is to live independently and freely. Eira wishes to organize more interesting and meaningful activities via this platform for all fintech enthusiasts.

“Welcome to FTSA! Hope you all will gain knowledge about FinTech and have fun!”

Christy is majoring in Financial Technology and will serve as the academic secretary of FTSA. “Fintech is such an amazing, interesting field and I really want to explore and learn more about it through this association!”

She hopes the activities organized by FTSA will help everyone to understand FinTech better. She likes reading, drawing and learning about the world in general. Fun fact, she can memorize 200 digits of pi!

A sophomore from India, Amrita is double majoring in Psychology and Marketing/IS. She is the Publication Secretary for FTSA. Her nickname is Nikki — which literally means “tiny” in Punjabi (An Indian language). “If you meet me, you’ll see that my nickname suits me quite literally. You can find me on campus enjoying pasta at Delifrance.”

Although her background and major may not suggest it, she loves studying and learning about technology, especially FinTech. With FTSA, she hope to make FinTech accessible to everyone— irrespective of their major and faculty.